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It is a time honored tradition that nearly everyone in the United States does. We end up going to Las Vegas, the city of sin, so that we can have a weekend, or week of fun under the sun of Nevada. Parties, gambling, drinking, and more happens daily in the jewel of the desert. Much like the modern day jewel of the United States, ancient Rome also had a jewel of its own, known as Pompeii. In this city, much like Las Vegas, parties, gambling, drinking, and more happened every day around the clock; however, unlike Las Vegas, Pompeii was also a hub of trade and business. The local economy was affluent for various reasons, being fairly close to Rome is one reason, as it brought many merchants, traders, slavers, and more through the city on route to Rome. While the drifters and businessmen were resting they would often go to local pubs, inns, and brothels to enjoy their night before they head out again the next day. While they were resting local business slaves and private slaves made their rest all the more enjoyable as they tended to the merchants goods, got them their wine and grog.

The economy of Pompeii was a diverse and affluent one for quite a few reasons. These reasons include the local slave trade which housed fairly cheap
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Brothels also often use to allow their patrons to drink wine ranging from well-made to mediocre, as well as spend the night with their lady of the evening. Typically the prices ranged in brothels from five denarius’ to as low as six dupondii. The wine in such places was also cheap. They usually ranged from one asses to two

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