Ponche: A Short Story

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I’m six years old, cold, and impatiently waiting to be given a warm drink. My aunt comes over to me and gives me a drink that I’ve never smelled so I ask her what it is and she informs me that it’s something called ponche. I hesitantly drink a sip from this drink called ponche and boy is it good! Now I’m 12 years old and trying to get away from my mom so I can gossip with my friends when we are told to be quiet. We continue on our way singing and asking for posada, I’m starting to feel cold. We get to the last house where we’ll ask for posada and we’ll be accepted “in” given food and a place to rest at. Las posadas are a simulation of when Joseph and Mary were asking for a place to stay for the night. We walk house to house on a street singing and asking for posada, a place to “stay” at for the night. At the last house we sing (asking for posada) and they sing back saying that they have room for us to stay so we are invited “in” and given ponche, atole, tamales, caldo de camaron (shrimp broth), pozole, and candy bags, which consist of a small piece of caña…show more content…
Ponche is a warm-tropical aromatic punch that traditionally is a mexican christmas drink. Things that go into the making of ponche are cinnamon, piloncillo (pure, unrefined sugar) or sugar, tejocote (Mexican hawthorn), guavas, flores de jamaica (Roselle, a species of Hibiscus), apple slices, and caña (sugarcane). Some people like adding slices of tangerine or orange to their ponche, but my mom makes ponche without the slices of orange or tangerine. Ponche reminds me of cold nights in Mexico. Ponche reminds me of the earthy aromatic smell of Mexico's red dirt mixed in with the smell of the air and everything around it and the distinct smell of Mexican perfume that the women wear who live there. And most importantly ponche reminds me of how unique and savory my cultures food and drinks

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