Essay About Family: Our Oldest Dog Poncho

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P is for Poncho We got our oldest dog Poncho a really long time ago. We went to someone’s house that breeds Chihuahuas. There was so many dogs to pick. We saw a small one hiding under a desk. He was very nice and calm. The place named him Little One because he was the smallest. We chose him to take home. Poncho sat in a box on the ride home. We gave him lot’s of attention. He was pretty scared, being with a bunch of new people in a car. Poncho was nice to me the first few years we had him. I wasn’t the smartest kid when I was younger. I would pester Poncho so much. He didn’t get really aggravated for awhile. He eventually began to bite and growl at me. I was constantly poking him with pvc pipe. It got to the point where he would not let

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