Ponnuru's Essay: Should Children Be Banned Or Not?

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Section #1 Ponnuru’s argument states that spanking your child doesn’t make you a monster and won’t be banned anytime soon because it is sometimes appropriate. This is why this type of discipline will not be banned anytime soon in America. Section #2 Ponnuru has several weak claim that point out with the support of Anti-spanking studies viewpoint is that they do not account for the possibility that a child’s behavior problem exists before a spanking and that the studies have lumped together much variety of parental behaviors. Basically that article is stating that parents should try other means of isolating them, but that in some child, it 's not enough of a punishment. This claim states that children need to change their behavior and it is…show more content…
If the child is not receiving a corporal punishment and just occasionally a parent is in their right to do what they saw as appropriate. These are a weak point because does source any reliable data that stat the psychological aspect of children being spanked. He also does not he is biased on the information he is present in the article. Section #3 Dear Mr. Ponnuru, Even though you make some great points in your column on “In reality, spanking your child doesn’t make you a monster” I would have to contradict your claims. I think the base of information on children discipline them any form of a spanking is harmful to children’s development. I believe that children are watching how we behave and will model those two others. When children experience a spanking typically the parent’s mood is upset and happens in a heated moment. Which the child is usually the result of getting a spanking that depends on how to anger a parent feels. Spank a child that in front of others or with the intention of humiliating or embarrassing that child is just lower down that child self-esteem. First, when hitting a child it teaches them that hitting is an okay and

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