Pontiac Fever Case Study Essay

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The following case study of multiple workers becoming severely ill after working in an industrial planet, which is located in a neighborhood of Baltimore Maryland. The symptoms of the workers range from a coughing and other respiratory symptoms to pneumonia. A single death has been reported out of the 70 known cases.
I believe the workers had been exposed to Legionella which is a pathogenic, Gram-negative bacteria. This bacteria is naturally found in fresh water, and thrives in warm bodies of water, its ideal growth temperature is 90 to 108 F. Exposure to this bacteria would cause one of two types of diseases the first would be Pontiac fever or Legionellosis. Pontiac fever is a milder version of the infections, symptoms can be very similar to the flu. This is a respiratory infection, which normal resolves on its own, without treatment. Many people who do become infected never
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So there is no risk of a community out break, unless the bacteria is found in the communities water supply. Unlike Pontiac fever, Legionnaires disease is fatal if left untreated. The disease can be treated with antibiotics, because the bacteria multiplies in the cell, the antibiotics used are excellent intercellular penetrator. Most commonly used antibiotic are levofloxacin, azithromycin. In order to prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria the health department would need to preform regular water sample test. The samples of water would need to be cultured on a buffed charcoal yeast medium. The cultures are keep for a minimum of 14 days before the lab can confirm a negative result. I believe that the Legionella bacteria is the reason why 70 workers in the same building became ill around the same time. Proper water treatment standard in the building my have prevented so many workers become ill and avoided the reported death of one
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