Pontiac Rebellion

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Have you wonder how this country got independence? Well, what got usindependence was, French and Indian war, Pontiac rebellion, proclamation of 1763, the sugar act, the stamp act, declaratory act, Townsend act, the Boston massacre, the Boston tea party, and finally the intolerable help led us up to the revolutionary war. But, it all began with the navigation act of 1660. The Navigation act of 1660 was a parliament passed by the British. It limited the colonies trade by using a system of mercantilism. But, number one it forbade the colonist to trade certain items like the following, sugar and cotton with any other countries, besides England itself. But, that not all the colonies only had to use England ships to transport goods,…show more content…
The colonist started thinking they had no repression in parliament. The commits of correspondence improved commutation among their colonies. In this disagreement with their mother country England, this lead to taxation without repreasation.The British didn’t think that the sugar act wasn’t bringing in enough money for them. Their solution to that problem is creating another act that the colonist has to pay tax on. That act is the stamp act of 1765. This act puts tax on newspapers/ license, and the colonial paper goods, so if it’s made out of paper out had a tax on it. But, this lead to a series of resolution being published. IN, this statement states that the stamp act violates the rights of the colonist. By that happening the stamp act got repealed by parliament in 1766. So, the brutish chances of got more money on this tax was failed. The Declaratory act of 1766 was probably worst for the colonists. This act allowed parliament pass any at any time they wanted. So, this meant the colonist had no control over there laws. This made the colonies fell like they had no control, mainly because they didn’t. They didn’t know if the British crown think they can’t govern there self. But, the colonist felt like they could do their own court cases. Most definitely make their own laws they go by. This lead to a big conflict. The Boston massacre is one of the most interesting of things that led up to the revolutionary war. It all started with a British solider standing on a street corner. Then some colonist started taunting the soldier. The colonist were throwing snowball, shell and so on the soldier got angry. So, the soldier thought it would be a good idea to fire into the crowd. Therefore, he killed five men. This lead to a trail and the British soldier was found innocent. The colonist didn’t like that decide, so Great Britain decides to have a retrial in Britain. The Boston massacre led to the Boston tea
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