Pontoon Bridge Design

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Phase II: Integration of parameters and pontoon design Stage 5: Evaluate a system of dynamics to an anchor taking into consideration periodic rises and fall. In order to design an efficient pontoon reaction, it is important to understand the system of dynamics to an anchor taking into consideration periodic rises and fall. Relative change in an anchor and pontoon’s distance will affect tension force it is important to know the characteristics of displacement of length in the anchor’s chain for a much better understanding of the tensile stress it will undergo. The pulling force of the anchor’s chain is what will keep the pontoon steady at all times. Experimenting on an anchor chain’s reaction to displacement will help researcher’s get the…show more content…
Study of deformable bodies will help researchers integrate the set parameters in a pontoon bridge to designing the pontoon bridge. Experiments can be done to acquire “strength” of materials. The objective of this stage is to specifically acquire strength, stiffness, and stability of a body. The experiment must be designed to help the researcher understand the reaction of a pontoon bridge’s strength, stiffness, and body stability to certain external loads and projective external loads. Projective external loads are assumed to be the maximum external forces that can occur in the pontoon bridge. For researchers to analyze mechanics of material, they must have a better understanding of physical and natural science (physics), analysis of load on a body in a state of equilibrium, mathematics, and laboratory skills which also includes computer…show more content…
Many failures and disasters occurred in the pontoon bridge history. These failures and disasters include Saint Isaac’s bridge, Hood Canal Bridge, Lacey V Murrow Memorial Bridge and many more others. Besides from the parameters in the research study, renovation and maintenance is a factor to prevent bridge’s failures and disasters. In this stage the researcher will study the proposed renovation and maintenance system for the SR520 Bridge. The SR520 Bridge is a pontoon bridge in the U.S. state of Washington. The bridge is 4750 meters long and has a 2,310 meters section. It was the longest bridge until its replacement exceeds it. The new SR520 Bridge’s renovation and maintenance plan will help the researcher develop knowledge in bridge renovation and

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