Pontypool Changes Everything

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Pontypool should have just went with zombies. As the reasoning behind the zombie like "Conversationlists" is a bit-far flung for my suspension of disbelif. I have a feeling that it worked better in the novel Pontypool 's based on, Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess. Pontypool has some intense, well shot moments and characters that are both like-able and relatable. There are far more things I like about Pontypool then I dislike and I want to make that clear. Director Bruce McDonald crafts a solid horror film that delivers on the horror.

Pontypool starts with radio shock jock Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) driving to work on a dark snowy day in the small town of Pontypool. At a red light a woman in distress appears out the dark and
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The sense of dread is palpitate as the film continues, but does peter out a bit towards the end. The main cast does outstanding work, with Georgina Reilly doing an amazing job. Stephen McHattie, who I mistake for Lance Henriksen far to often and Lisa Houle play great off each other. Though their love story-line feels incredibly shoe horned in and comes kind of out of nowhere. Which is odd as they 're married in real life. The only performance that I didn 't enjoy was Hrant Alianak, who I can 't fault as he was given some of the worst exposition to dump.

My favorite part of Pontypool is after Laurel-Ann 's infected and we get to watch her deteriorate mentally. Which takes place at the same time as Dr. Mazzy gives the worst explanation for whats happening. That words have become infected and our understanding them allows the virus to propagate. Words are infected. Words. It 's just the worst possible reasoning. Maybe it was better explained and explored in the novel. But here it feels like a hot mess.

The film is simply and at time elegantly shot. With the limitations of the story and set, Bruce McDonald did a great job. Even if his vision did come out a bit like a rehashing of a zombies, at the least it
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