Pony Boy

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Yes, I do want Pony boy to got to a foster care to get away from he 's family. I did not want to mean it like that but for he can be safe. Have you ever got slapped or push by your brother or sister? I have not slapped, but pushed by my sister. My brother plays with me sometimes, he means it and sometimes he does not. I felt bad when she did that to me. Is not the first time she has done it, but sometimes we play and sometimes we don 't.

Why I think pony boy needs to go to the foster care, is that he gets treated bad by his brother 's. When I saw the movie I know that he smokes for a young age. When the soc and greaser 's start a rumble. That is a bad influence on pony boy. Now if he goes to the foster care he can get help and can
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The most important part is that he gets lonely sometimes. He is not that lonely but he got johnny and Dally. The point is that he needs more people that are there for him. What he needs to know about life before he goes ahead on life. Darry is he 's big brother so he is the one that needs to be there for ponyboy the most. I know that Darry makes a lot of mistakes in his life ,but he is actually a nice handsome guy. If pony boy goes to the foster care a lot of people will teach him and support him. He probably might not know people there ,but he will eventually get to notice them.

My background information. My background information is about how pony boy should be adopted because his life would be better, his life will also be great without any drugs, and his life would be great without any rumble 's. I found a website and I found a lot of good information about adopting a child or a baby.

This essay that I typed out was actually a good essay for me. I learned a lesson while I was typing this essay. Pony boy was in a bad situation of heading his life. I can imagine pony boy being poor ,and having nobody by his side because everybody died in that rumble they had. So for me is better for pony boy to go to a foster care where a family can adopt him and make
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