Pony Boy In John Hinton's The Outsiders

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Many think Pony boy has a rough life. He even has his brothers with him at tough times. Just like the rumble how two bit 's, Darry and Pony boy fought the Socs. Then, the greasers win the rumble against the Socs. Therefore, Pony boy will be better with his brothers than foster care. Like Darry and soda pop are good brothers to pony boy. Soda likes to help a pony boy the most. Darry pays the bills and has a good job. As Pony boy gets in trouble Darry wants him to use his brain too. Even though soda has a job but, he is a dropout and which he works at a gas station. So then, when Pony is going to be jumped again they helped him. He even knows that the town he is in. If a pony boy were to move he would not like the town.
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