Pony Boys Chapter Summaries

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In chapters 1-8, the story is narrated by ponyboy. To begin chapter 1. Chapter one begins with pony boy coming back from the movies and he is confronted by the socs. He ends up getting jumped by them and left pretty stuffed up. Another event that happens in chapter one is the greasers plan a trip to the drive in. In chapter two, they attend the drive in and end up meeting two nice soc girls named Cherry and Marcia. Dally isn't too good with the ladies and he ends up with a coke in his face. The greasers learn that not all socs are piracy stuck up rich kids. Chapter 3, Johnny and Two Bit walk Cherry and Marcia home when they are almost caught by their boyfriends, Randy and Bob. They got off the hook without any trouble. But then, the car circles…show more content…
JOhnny and Ponyboy lay and watch the stars. He obviously falls asleep and makes it home past his curfew. Darry slaps ponyboy in the moment of a lecture and Johnny and Ponyboy run away back to the lot. In chapter 4, THe blue mustang finally catches up with them and they are outnumbered 2 to 5. BOb drowns pony in the fountain and Johnny kills him because he was protecting Pony boy., They run and hide in an old church in windrixville. IN chapter 5, the two boys change their appearance by cutting and bleaching their hair so they don't match the descriptions in the paper. They believe it's safe enough to go get food in town while dally informs them in that the two gangs are in a war. In chapter 6 Chery agrees to testify against bob and say johnny was acting in self defense. As they are on their way back from Dairy Queen, they spot a church on fire and they heroically jump in and save the lives of many children. Now they are being proclaimed as heros in the papers. Johnny got severely injured from the fire and is in ICU. The other two greasers will survive. I chapter 7, The brothers get the news that Johnny if he lives,will be crippled the rest of his life. Johnny is also convicted of
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