Ponyboy And Dallly: A True Hero In The Outsider

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A hero is a person who would risk their lives and put themselves in danger to help anyone they can, and is a person who cares about more than themselves. Ponyboy was a hero for two things, Dallas for two as well and Darry for one reason. In “The Outsiders,” Ponyboy, Dally, and Darry are all heros for what they have all done.

Ponyboy fits the definition of hero by saving the group of children in the burning church in windrixville without hesitation, “I started at a dead run for the Church,”(78). Ponyboy didn't even think about himself getting hurt, but to only save the children from the church. Pony isn't just a hero to the children, but to Johnny. Ponyboy has helped Johnny through all his tough times that his parents gave him, and was caring when he was in the hospital. As you can see Ponyboy is a true hero
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Dally is a hero at windrixville because he saved Johnny who was stuck in the burning church. He saved Johnny because he didn't want Ponyboy to go back in the church and get more hurt or die. Also the jacket that he gave Ponyboy saved his life, “That jacket saved you from a bad burning, maybe saved your life.”(81). Dally was a hero at the lot where he died because he died for Johnny because Johnny was what Dally cared for the most, “Dally risking his life for us, trying to keep Johnny out of trouble,”(131).

Finally I believe that Darry is a hero in my definition in the whole story, maybe not when he slapped ponyboy, but everything else he is one. Darry is a hero by supporting his family by working two jobs for money to buy food, “Darry worked on two jobs at once and made good at both of them”(91) He turned down a college application just so he can be with his brothers. He is really helpful for his brothers and the gang when they need help or in trouble, like when he and the gang went to go help dally in the
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