Ponyboy Life In The Outsiders

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Lj Laulu
Periods 4-5

In the novel The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, it is brought up that one decision could change the life of Ponyboy Curtis and his brothers. As many believe, Ponyboy should undoubtedly stay with his supportive and caring brother, Darry. Yet others may believe that Ponyboy should be put into the system to find him a safer place to live. He would be better off if he remained with his brothers because he would be happy, the fact that they truly care about Pony and his well-being, and he would be with people who would go to great lengths to protect him. Staying with Darry is a better choice than being put in a boys’ home because with his brothers, he would be with people who truly love and care about him. Although being put in a boys home seems appealing, Ponyboy would never be happy being separated from his brothers. You can see this when Ponyboy says “ I had taken the long way around, but I was finally home. To stay”(99). This shows that he feels relieved when he
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This is proven when Darry says that, “ I reckon it never occurred to you that your two brothers would be worrying their heads off ”(61). This shows that Darry worries about Ponyboy when he is not around. Furthermore, this also illustrates that they always stick together and are wary of each other. Another example of this is after Pony returns from Windrixville, and has left the hospital. Darry looks at Ponyboy and says, “ Oh Ponyboy, I thought we’d lost you… like we did mom and dad ”(121 or 83). This shows that Darry does care about Ponyboy, and that Darry doesn’t want to lose him after they lost their parents. Moreover this shows that Darry loves Ponyboy, and is concerned about his well-being. Overall, these quotes show that if Pony were to stay, he would be with the two people in this world that love him the most, and they would always try to keep him
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