Ponyboy Vs Foster Home Case Study

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¨ Opening the case, Ponyboy vs. the foster homes¨ I yell in the courtroom. Ponyboy is a young boy who is part of a ruthless gang known as the Greasers. As a result of this, people are not sure if he needed to stay with his family and friends. There are many arguments to support this opinion. Some of these include him being able to stay with a supporting family, being able to protect himself (self-defense), and some even say that his family would be able to care for him better than a foster home. Given the reasons stated Ponyboy should stay with his family.

The first statement is that Ponyboy would be able to stay with a supporting family. This is being said because of the fact that Darry has two jobs, both with good pay. Another reason
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In this scenario he would need to know how to protect himself. This brings up the second statement that Darry and Soda would teach him protection. This could be a good thing if it is used only as self defense. On the other hand, he may misuse his skills and purposefully kill someone. Although this does not sound like Ponyboy, you can never be too sure.

Along with him being able to stay and learning how to protect himself there is one final reason for him to stay. Some people feel that Darry and Soda can take care of him better than a foster home. While this may be true he may not get enough attention from his brothers. Although some do believe that he does not receive enough attention, most people believe that he does.

Futhermore the answer to the debate is clear. Ponyboy should stay with his family and friends. While there are many statements supporting sending him to a foster home there is also good reasoning for keeping him here with Darry and Soda. ¨The jury has reached a decision,¨ I stated, ¨they have decided to keep Ponyboy with Darry and Soda.¨ the reasons for which he was staying were simple. His family was supporting, he could learn protection for self defense only, and because they can more than likely care for him better than a foster home
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