Ponyboys Character Analysis

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For starters, Ponyboys actions affected his older brother Darry in chapter 1-4. Ponyboy decides to go to the theaters by himself without anyone from his gang to company him. He finished his movie and decided to walk home even thought he could have called someone to pick him up, and a lot of Ponyboy’s decisions affect his older brother Darry. “I could have called Darry and he would have come by on his way home and picked me up, or Two-Bit Mathews--- one of our gang--- would have come to get me in his car if I had asked him, but sometimes I just don't use my head .It drives my brother Darry nuts when I do stuff like that, 'cause I'm supposed to be smart” (PDF pag. 4)This example connects to the theme because it shows that Ponyboy does not…show more content…
Both Pony and Johnny has saved the children, Ponyboy was the first to get out if the church but when Johnny attempted to escape he got hit by a blazing piece of tinder. “jerked loose and ran on. All I could think was: We started it. We started it. We started it!” and “I leaped out the window and heard timber crashing and the flames roaring right behind me. I staggered, almost falling, coughing and sobbing for breath. Then I heard Johnny scream” (Pdf 78.) This shows that Ponyboy is doing a really good deed because he is saving the kids lives and because Pony is trying to save the kids Johnny followed him putting Johnny in danger.Then Darry did an action that impacted his brothers Darry the oldest of the curtis brothers was showing true affection for once,because he started crying at the sight of Ponyboy because he thought something bad happen to him and that he has died. Darry and Soda were really happy that they didn't lose Ponyboy like his parents parents.“He was stroking my hair and I could hear the sobs racking him as he fought to keep back the tears. "Oh, Pony, I thought we'd lost…show more content…
Ponyboy is so lost in the situation he does not know what to do. ”Hearing this, Ponyboy protests: “I had the knife. I killed Bob”. When Randy tries to set him straight, Ponyboy gets upset. He insists that he killed Bob and that Johnny is not dead. Darry makes Randy leave. Darry explains that Ponyboy is confused about everything that has happened and that the doctor says he needs time to heal”(Pdf 141) This explains that Ponyboy is having a really hard time comprehending the fact that Johnny is dead, and the fact that Johnny is dead and that he killed Bob dead is not going throught Pony head because he refuses to know the truth.Pony knows he did not kill bob is that he just doesn't want to be hurt.” It was Johnny, not me, who had killed Bob ---I knew that too. I had just thought that maybe if I played like Johnny wasn't dead it wouldn't hurt so much.”(pdf 151).This shows us that Pony accept his friend is dead he does not want to accept it but he has to because is not healthy for him.Ponyboy needed a theme for his project so he decided to accept
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