Ponyboy's Loyalty

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The Greasers show loyalty to each other by standing up for one another. Ponyboy was walking alone from the movie house when a Corvair full of Socs pulled aside. They jumped him and when confronting him with a switchblade he yelled for were his brothers, Soda and Darry. Momentarily after, they were to run, from as if nowhere, along with the rest of their Greaser gang to stand up for Ponyboy. Most of the Greasers are outsiders in their own hidden ways. Johnny expresses this by standing up against Dally when Dally was attempting to flirt with Cherry and Marcia at the movies. Johnny saw that they did not like it and told Dally to back off. Johnny became nervous when Dally looked at him. Nobody told him to back off, but because Johnny was the pet
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