Ponyboys Monologue

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“You got to think Ponyboy” is one of my favorites quotes to say after my parents died. I have two jobs and also to watch out for Ponyboy and Sodapop not to go to a boys home. I am the oldest of the greasers. I slapped Ponyboy to tell him to never be late again. Also I slapped him because I can not call the police because they will put Soda and him in a boys home and they would never see me again. I look like my dad but act like my mom. Ponyboy hates me a little but I know I should be a little less strict. If anyone else dies from the gang are never going to beat the socs again in the rumbles especially if the person that dies is me. I love the gang and everyone in the gang because we all stick up for each other. If everyone in the gang robbed stores like Dally did all of us would be in jail but not my kid brothers they would be in a boys home and I would never see them again because robbing stores is illegal. I believe that Johnny used self defense because my kid brother Ponyboy was going to be drowned. If Johnny would not have killed Bob the rumble would be harder with one less man on are side and 2 more men on their side. If I lose one more family member then I do not know what I would do. All the greasers are like family but we live at different houses. It would be bad if Ponyboy and Soda go to a boy home but if any of those two die it would be …show more content…

Bob and the socs attacked Johnny and Ponyboy first, Ponyboy and Johnny could attack them in any shape or form. If Johnny and Ponyboy made the first move that is manslaughter but they did not make the first move. If Bob and the socs killed Ponyboy and Johnny that is manslaughter. Bob had no right to touch Johnny and Ponyboy and if Bob said he touch Johnny and Ponyboy talked to their women would never hold up in court and if it did the judge is not smart at all. Also Johnny, Ponyboy, and Two-bit was not in the socs turf but Bob and Randy was on our

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