Ponyville: A Short Story

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The downpour of rain put Ponyville in a maelstrom of disappointment—considering that the weather forecast was showed promising signs of warm weather—something that had been yearned for the past few days. Ponies had to cancel their activities they had planned and were now forced to wear dreaded rain apparel lest they get a cold or ill; and there were some ponies, on the contrary, who welcomed the rain, and played in the puddles that gathered all around town; while some even hunted for rainbows. Scootaloo, however, wasn’t one of them. In fact, one could say that the entire schoolhouse was dispirited because of the forlorn weather. Especially Scootaloo. She was situated at her desk, sandwiched between Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, who shared…show more content…
“Thanks for trying, Applebloom. I know you don’t like working on that farm after school.” Applebloom opened her mouth, and she was getting ready to say something, but she withdrew from saying anything. “Don’t worry, Applebloom. I’ll be fine. I’m just disappointed is all. I’m sure I can go flying with my sister tomorrow or some other time,” Scootaloo said, mustering a smile. “That’s the spirit,” Applebloom said, returning the smile. “What yer doin’ after class? Ah was thinkin’ me, you, ’n Sweetie could go to Sugarcube Corner and get somethin’ to eat. Whadda, say?” Applebloom was trying really hard to cheer her friend up. “Sure, I guess that could be…show more content…
We can let Sweetie know later.” “Okay.” Later on, around noon, the rain was still coming down, but this time with an occasional burst of thunder and foudroyant lightning. Scootaloo and her friends were in their classroom eating lunch, though she was being passive and reticent in spite of her two friends trying to boost her happiness. It was anomalous the way she was acting as far as they could tell; because there was something more than what they were being told by their friend, so they pressed on, determined to find out what was really going on with Scootaloo. “Um, Scootaloo?” Sweetie Belle said. “What’s really going on with you? You’re acting all quiet and weird.” “Yeah,” Applebloom said. “Yah told me that yah were upset because yer couldn’t go flyin’ with Rainbow Dash today because of this darn rain. But the Scootaloo ah know wouldn’t let that get in the way of being herself.” Scootaloo looked away and remained quiet, causing Sweetie and Applebloom to frown. “Maybe it has to do with—” “It doesn’t have to do with anything!” Scootaloo said. Her voice was uproarious and harsh, albeit unintentionally, and it caused her two friends to flinch. “Sweetie, Applebloom, do you really want to know what I’m not telling

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