Poor Governance And Accountability

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Problem statement: Poor governance and Accountability affect service delivery
Despite having a well-structured network of service delivery from community to national level , the health system of Nepal faces several challenges, including absence of good governance in the health facilities, characterized by understaffing , absenteeism; poor supervision & monitoring, poor community participation; lack of transparency, ownership and accountability; and a mismatch between plans and actual health needs (Gurung and Tuladhar, 2013).
In Nepal the health sector civil society organizations face serious challenges and lack capacity in citizen oversight, monitoring and citizen empowerment. These challenges do not just affect the capacity of civic groups
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Despite the fact that the existing policy framework opens room for civic participation, but it is still in adequate in the health sector and no effective social accountability mechanisms exist. Ensure the development of skills and capacities of community governance - CBIs and CSOs that work with or represent vulnerable groups in the VDCs and Municipalities of Baitadi district in aspects related to the engagement around transparency and accountability in the provision of health services; promote engagement around locally identified issues related with the quality of services provided in the areas of…show more content…
At the operational level actors closer to adolescent’s citizens and their representative CBIs and adolescents are demand side actors or right holders. Health facilities including adolescent friendly SRH service centers ( Health post, primary health care centers and District Hospital) and all those public health entities with responsibilities over service provision or assurance are considered as supply-side actors or duty bearers . Both demand side actors and supply side actors have obligations or social accountability to fulfill and protect and realization of ASRH and Rights.

Municipality and VDCS are also considered supply-side actors, although, in some cases, such as in the case Municipal or VDC council members are representatives of demand-side actors. They represent, thus, important entry points for social accountability initiatives and where important champions can be identified.

Obligations and capacity of Actors matters for socially accountable engagement for Service
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