Poor Communication Skills Case Study

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3.0 REASONS FOR POOR COMMUNICATION SKILLS AMONGST GRADUATES There are numerous reasons that contribute to poor communication skills among graduates. These reasons have greatly impacted the graduates’ of higher education institutions all over the world in obtaining a stable career. These reasons include the surrounding environment, students’ attitudes, insufficient use, lacking of listening skills and lack of confidence. Firstly, one of the main reasons why graduates are not able to communicate effectively, especially in English is due to the surrounding environment. For instance, Malaysia, which first language is Bahasa Malaysia, is facing difficulty in recruiting graduates with good spoken English. This is highly due to the surrounding environment. When society widely speaks a particular language, usually the first language, it contributes to a poor command in other languages. In companies around the world, one…show more content…
In order to be good in a language, one must have a proper mind set. Students tend to look at a particular language and label it tough and difficult. Hence, without the proper mind set, it is evidently much harder to gain knowledge of a particular language. Language does not come easy to those who have a bad attitude towards it. Hence, resulting in poor communication skills. In order to be an excellent communicator, one must be open to learn the methods in enhancing speech. A skillful speaker should learn and sharpen their skills in elevating their speech, communication etiquette and how to overcome fear. Plus, students must master vocabulary of the language (Wilczynski, 2009). Students who have bad attitudes to the language are forced to learn a particular language with a heavy heart. This results in not liking the particular language and putting stress upon themselves which lastly contributes to the many reasons graduates have poor communication
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