Poor Kids Documentary Analysis

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The frontline documentary: Poor Kids was very enlightening and heartrending. I recommend that anyone and everyone watch the documentary. Everyday there are numerous of families that get dumped into poverty. In addition to this, I have had the opportunity to witness that there are so many children that are facing the hardships of poverty right now. Every fourth Tuesday of the month I go with my church to the Long Beach Rescue Mission and we volunteer to serve food to the homeless. I see families their eating dinner because they one have no food at their home or two because they stay at the homeless shelter. I think situational and generational poverty hurts all of us and working to fix it will bring about advantages to the society as a whole. Any chance I get I help people because there has been numerous of times people have helped me.…show more content…
Homelessness has taken a toll in many people lives. My senior year in high school my family and I became homeless. I was suppose to be happy because I was graduating but all I could think about is what if my friends found out I am homeless. Although we lived with people and not in a shelter I was going to be so embarrassed and ashamed. I was going to school everyday putting a smile on my face like everything was fine but once school was over the depression kicked back in. In my homelessness the lesson I learned is there are many less fortunate and hungry people in the world. . When the opportunity presented itself after my years of homelessness it was affirmed that my passion in life was to be a servant giving back to them that are in need. My actions lead me to go out and explore many missions serving homeless children, men, and women. I start volunteering with my church at the Rescue Mission in Long Beach,
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