Argumentative Essay On Dumb People

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Here is the second missing piece to our pursuit of justice. Poor people are not dumb people. This is not so much an attempt on my part to hold the general public responsible for a widely held misconception, as it is an embarrassing admission on my part. In the last four years our programs that provide opportunities to the under resourced have increased to 3 different cities, 19 different blocks, 5 elementary schools, after school programs, mobile medical clinics, bookmobiles and the list of services continues to grow.. As a result of the growth of the programs I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of under resourced people who have taught me more about courage, dignity, resilience and humanity than any other experience in my life. As I shake hands and listen to…show more content…
Under resourced people do not have limited capacity, they have limited opportunities. And while you see just enough of the under resourced demographic not trying or conclude by their actions they are not thinking, it seems to justify the misconception. It is both in my personal experience and by the numbers, a vindictive misconception. In a recently released book entitled “Hand to Mouth”, Linda Tirado writes about the truth about being poor in a wealthy world. As a part of the working poor she wrote in an attempt to educate people that poor people are in fact not dumb people. Critics were skeptical about her claims until they had done enough research to understand she was describing nearly a third of the American population. When she was asked why she thinks people were so sceptical, she answers with fierce conviction: “Because it’s easier to think poor people really are all stupid. It’s easier to think we can’t look like you, to think downward mobility doesn’t exist, only upward.” Her book challenges a collective blindness to a nation’s grim economic truths. “We have homeless PhDs, middle-class people on food stamps and 25% of all active duty military accessing food banks on a
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