Poor Sleep Habits

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According to a recent study published in the journal PLOS One, adults who have poor sleep habits are more susceptible to having poorer metabolic health which could result to weight gain and obesity. The findings revealed that people who sleep on an average of 6 hours per night had a waist measurement that was 3cm greater than those who were getting 9 hours of sleep per night. It has also been recorded that shorter sleepers were heavier. Is it conclusive enough to determine that sleep loss caused weight gain and obesity? Find out further as you read on.
The results further establish the evidence that poor sleep habits can contribute to developing metabolic diseases like diabetes. The study examined the connections between sleep duration, diet
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Your sex life, memory, health, looks, and even your ability to lose weight will also be affected. Here are ten startling and serious effects of poor sleep habits.
Sleepiness Can Result to Accidents
Sleep deprivation was one of the contributors of some of the biggest disasters in recent history: the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the enormous Exxon Valdez oil spill, the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, and more.
Lack of sleep is also a huge public safety hazard every day on the road. Sleepiness can result to slow reaction time as much as driving drunk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatigues is one of the causes in 100,000 auto crashes and 1,550 crash related deaths per year in the US. Such problem is more prevalent among those who are aged 25 years and below.
Studies have also revealed that lack of sleep and poor sleep habits lead to accidents and injuries on the job as well. In one particular study, workers who complained about immoderate daytime sleepiness had notably more work accidents, especially repeated work accidents. The workers also had more sick days for every accident.
Sleep Loss Makes You
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It also hurts our ability to make sound judgements mainly because you may not be able to assess the situations accurately and act on them wisely.
People who are sleep deprived appear to be more prone to poor judgement when it comes to evaluating what lack of sleep is doing to them. In the ever increasing fast paced world, operating on less sleep has become a sort of badge of honor. According to sleep experts though, if you think that you’re doing fine on having less sleep, you are most likely wrong. If you work where being able to judge your level of functioning is important, sleep deprivation can definitely be a big problem.
Research has progressively shown that people who are getting six hours of sleep or less instead of 7 or 8 usually feel as if they’ve adapted or gotten used to being sleep deprived. But if you closely look into how they perform on tests of mental alertness and performance, they go on a downward spiral. Sleep deprived people usually lose touch on how impaired they have

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