Pop Culture And Design

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Popular culture is strongly connected throughout history to design and the impact is has on society. Although literature covers a wide range of examples, this review focuses on five themes that appear constantly in the literature reviewed. These themes are categorised into: the connection between popular culture and design throughout history, the detachment and connection between art and design, the intertwining of art, design, and popular culture, how technology has strengthened this connection, and the way media plays an important role in influencing culture and design. The literature sourced explains these themes in various ways, however this paper focuses on the influences shared between design and popular culture.

History Throughout
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Where the connection of the name 'pop' not only refers to popular culture, but in pop art as well. Tafoya states, “Pop was a term first applied to popular culture rather than to art, but it would be one of the goals of the Pop art movement to blur the boundaries between ‘high’ art and ‘low’ popular culture” (p. 1). Pop art is seen to be a consumerist cause, often referring to the “products of the mass media”, argued by Tafoya. Pop art used these popular culture elements in protest against the seriousness that surrounded the elitist art establishment. Does this support the notion that pop art was a major turning point in design? The start of an even stronger connection between art, design, and popular culture? From what was maybe seen as a distinct barrier between 'high' art and 'low' popular culture, to work created by influences of popular culture, fine art, and the recycling of previous material. Producing design that not only can be used as a consumer advertisement, but also as a piece of art in…show more content…
ii), and that often everyday objects and actions seen in the sub cultures of popular culture is what influences a lot of industries. She outlines, “the street art idiom within a larger pop-cultural perspective can offer new design strategies that could inspire graphic designers to present more appropriate and respectful design solutions” (p. ii). This art from the 1980's was heavily influenced by the hip hop popular culture, which has grown, and has seen many designs influenced by it in more recent years, even if the target audience is not a part of that sub
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