Pop Culture And Popular Culture

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To start with, the definition for the word ‘pop’ is - the abriviation for the word ‘popular’ -"the adjective Popular definition is intended for or suited to the taste, understanding, or means of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals". Fashion has and is been one of the most essencial and and used industryies in the world. it is still very under rated by many and the full power in which it holds is not yet found. over the years the state in which fashion has changed is phenomenal the digital age that we are in, the amazing techniques in which garments where once made by. i am going to explore the different influences that one might had to create a piece and in some situations set trends for a whole decade. i will be exploring all the different ways that one could use the word pop e.g (pop tart, pop culture )and how this would have been used in the 1960’s. in the 1960s the phrase pop ' had generated a lot of attention all over the media the word 'pop ' was being used more often and new pop chart shows were taking place on mainstream television and radio. From the phrase 'pop ' stemed music, fashion , art e.c.t. in the 60’s there was a strong sense of popular culture. My initial thoughts about the word pop’ sparked some thought in me straight away, i started thinking about colours and how the word pop could best describe the state of the colours. When looking at andy wahrol pop art work i definitely could see a similarities between pop art and opt
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