Ray Browne's Essay Folklore To Populore

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Popular culture, which is also known as Pop Culture is activities that are suited to or aimed for the enjoyment of a general mass of people at a given time. According to Tim Delaney, The term ‘popular culture' holds different meanings depending on who is defining it and the context of use. It is normally documented as the lingua franca or people's culture that preponderate in a society at a point in time. Ray Browne (an American educator, author, and founder of the academic study of popular culture in the United States.) in his essay ‘Folklore to Populore' offers a similar definition: "Popular culture consists of the aspects of attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, customs, and tastes that define the people of any society. Popular culture is, in…show more content…
Irish audiences have embraced these pop cultures and are moving away from its traditional culture. On our research, we came to a conclusion that Facebook has become one of the most influential popular cultures in Irish audiences life… it gives them a platform to communicate , share pictures , videos, create events, News etc… In their own comfort home or place. Rural Ireland and its audience are changing and adapting to the modern world. Whether Facebook will ever take the place of the meeting outside in groups or Saturday night pint with friends or family members will remain to be seen in years to come. Apart from Facebook, there are other media forms that Irish audiences have also come to embrace, example Podcast, YouTube, TV programs (X Factor) etc… Apart from Facebook one of the things that have also captivated Irish audience is podcast and YouTube. These platforms give them the opportunity to listen and broadcast themselves with no help from a TV or radio

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