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Audiences construct and interpret the text liberally, nevertheless, the television program provided and control by the gatekeeper. In order words, audiences do not have the liberty to select what they want to watch since it is provided by the television station. This situation happened due to the media concentration. Considering the fact, television turn out to be a product that generates profits for television station and led the gatekeeper to cherry-pick their television programs in order to obtain advertisers. Foreign-made programs employed by the television stations ensues to gain high ratings program as one of the television management strategies. From general observations, numerous of television stations around the world, import Korean…show more content…
Winter Sonata was an excellent hallmark not only contributes to the flourishing in K-Pop industries, however, it helps to increase the gross domestic products (GDP) of South Korea. Winter Sonata excellently presented the diversity of attractiveness atmosphere in Nami Island (Naminara Republica), foods and culture through the drama and become one of the most visit country in Asia. This is the starting point where the K-Pop recognized as an epidemic in mass media. This epidemic called as Hallyu (Korean Wave). The Associated Press (March 2001) reported that pop culture in Asia was once dominated by Tokyo and Hollywood has changed and diverted to Hallyu. From the Korean accessories, gastronomies, film, music and even fashion become trendy in Asia (Visser,…show more content…
In other words, Korean dramas capable to portrayed Korean cultures and Asian values such as courtesy, respect for parents and elders, solidarity and the holiness of love and marriage. These values displayed in the uniquely way of life in a modern Korean society that has gone through an economically and technology advancement. Korean dramas creatively combines traditional elements with modern values. In Indonesia, Korean drama are frequently watched by adolescents from the range of age 15 to 24 years old. This finally proven by one of the most favorite drama which titled Secret Garden that achieved a rating of 2.0 and a share of 14.1 (research and development Indosiar: 2011). The increasing number of Korean drama series airing on television stations in Indonesia indicates the highest number of viewers. This background has inspired us to know more about the current

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