1950's: How Society Affected Pop Culture

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The second section talks about account since World War II opposes speculation: It is to a great degree different and multifaceted. It has been vitalized by universal streams, for example, European existentialism and Latin American mysterious authenticity, while the electronic period has brought the worldwide town. The talked word on TV has given new life to oral custom. Oral types, media, and pop culture have progressively affected story.
Previously, first class society affected pop culture through its status and case; the converse appears to be valid in the United States today. Genuine authors like Thomas Pynchon, Joyce Carol Oates, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Alice Walker, and E.L. Doctorow have acquired from and remarked on funnies, motion pictures,
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In the USSR and other previous comrade nations a suspicion of coordinated effort with the western nations drove not just to the political oppression, detainment, and outcast of the aggrieved, additionally to the appear and political trials the consequence of which was a long haul detainment, constrained work, as well as the death penalty and demise. The American culture was politically exceedingly moderate and even reactionary in this period. It has prompted the escalation of prejudice and ethnic strain and to the US military mediation in Korea, Vietnam and in part to some different nations under the guise of the assistance of the neighborhood government, or legislative resistance against socialism and totalitarian

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