Pop Culture Influence On Society

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Pop culture today is any form of omnipresent media/news influencing public opinion that penetrates all the elements in society. Popular culture is capable of influencing ones attitude towards certain topics and cultures. It’s a collection of perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, possessions and services that can be purchased and delivered to the mainstream masses. There are many multiple examples of pop culture being viewed today that continue to affects the world dramatically. Effective industry artists and celebrities mainly deem these possessions as valuable in magazines, which sales start to rise and worth pop culture often develops into a manifestation of what we desire and relativity, what we want isn’t always unbiased or significant. Pop culture is being widely acknowledged through Cosmopolitan and People magazines, but not always influential. People are paying money to be indoctrinated on where to spend their next dollar. These artists are expressing their creative freedom or are pawns in the media machine. Mass media has been proven to have a huge effect on society as we know it. Mass media dictates what people purchase, contemplating on their food choices, indecisive on outfits and how they act amongst other things. ide daily papers, magazines convey a flashier side of news to keep perusers tense. All things considered, magazines request to a more extensive range of individuals, enabling kids to grown-ups the capacity to peruse and have joy in them.
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