Pop Culture: The Definition Of Popular Culture

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Marianne Melanie Delmo | II–1 BEE | PROFED06 | Critical Essay #2 According to Oxford Dictionary, popular culture is “culture based on the taste of the ordinary people rather than an educated elite” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016). If this proves to be the true definition of Popular Culture, then how does one reconcile it with the academe, a coterie of the “educated elite”? It is inevitable that these two spheres will mix as one progresses into the technology age of Contemporary history. As the old is replaced by the new, the academe also brings in students who will eventually lead this circle, continuing on the “out with the old and in with the new” progress of the world – and, like it or not, these students are immersed in Pop Culture. So when that happens, what becomes of how we define Popular Culture? The definition of Popular Culture continually shifts in response to the people, an amalgamation of both the ordinary people and the elites, and it shows in our everyday interaction, even in the classroom. In the lecture, Ang “PNU Mafia” sa Kulturang Popular ng Pilipinas, Mr. Genaro Gojo Cruz gives another description of Popular Culture – defining it as “anything consumed by the people” (Gojo Cruz, 2016). But who exactly are “the people”? In John Fiske’s Understanding Popular Culture, he describes The People as “various individuals belong to different popular formations at different times, often moving between them quite fluidly… ‘the people’ then, I

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