Pop Culture: The Importance Of Popular Culture

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Popular culture, otherwise known as, pop culture has taken on a very important role in everyday lives whether it be through television, movies or music, the world is completely at the will of popular culture. Many are relating what they see in the media to their own lives, making connections that bring the person closer to the characters they are watching. Which, can be said to be very similar to the ways in which educators in academia link theorists, studies and historical occurrences to current events and to those who study it. Why are people making these connections through popular culture, how can it be justifiable to study popular culture in an educational setting and does pop culture deserve academic study? Peter Senge, an MIT educator…show more content…
Many believe that in using a movie to help teach a lesson, is laziness on the educators’ part, however, it has been proven to do the opposite in regards to learner outcome. A Dartmouth University student Samantha Cooper wrote an article discussing the importance of using popular culture within academia. Cooper notes that using film in cooperation to academia not only draws student’s attention toward the subject matter but also helps make connections later on throughout the educational process in examinations, assignments and simply understanding what they’ve learned over time. Cooper also quotes a professor of Jewish studies among other subject matter as to why he uses pop culture within his lectures, “He enjoys incorporating films into his classes because they’re something with which students are already very familiar, so they’re better able to understand the academic material and connect it to their own lives. This creates a nice synergy between students watching films and reading texts.” (Cooper, 2016) It is justifiable to use these resources as an aid to learning because it works; it allows the learner to explore a subject with what they already know and what they will learn through connections and
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