Pop Culture: The Representations Of Native Americans

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First, because my research was focused on understanding the portrayal of Native Americans, it was important to get the perspective from Native Americans themselves. The opinions of a sample of Native students were collected as a way to begin answering these questions and to provide a basis for further research. The population for this research was ten native students recruited from the Speel-Ya program and by email invitation at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande. I introduced myself to them at one of the Speel-Ya meetings. To protect their identities, I decided to give them pseudonyms. Although I aimed to get the perspectives of ten students, only four were willing to participate or respond to my questions. Persons consulted are as follows:
Subject # Pseudonym
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In your own words, describe how you feel about the portrayal of Native Americans in popular culture (films, television, magazines, etc.)?
2. How have these media representations affected your perception of Native people?
3. How do you think these representations will affect the future of Native Americans?
4. How do these representations differ from your own traditions?
5. Have your traditions changed over the last few decades with all the changes in pop culture?
6. Can you give me a few examples of some of these representations that stand out to you (films, TV shows, etc.)?
7. Overall, do you think Native American representation has improved over the years?
Interview type and location are provided in parentheses along with subject
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