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The change of pop idols from 1980s to 2010s in China By Sharon Yin Pop idols in China, such as Bingbing Fan, are well known in China and around the world. These pop stars have deeply affected the entertainment field and made China more popular around the world. Style in the past In the 80s, people focused on the stars’ skills. Both the male actors and the female actresses also would not put on too much bright colored make-up. They did not have the kind of technology to offer cosmetic surgeries so they would not “lie” to the audience with their faces. (Zhang) Pop idols in the 80s normally only had two ways to earn money by acting in movies and singing. At that time, they also belonged to companies that made movies, so despite the popularity of the actor, they earned the same amount of money as everyone else. They were all equal…show more content…
(However, to the singers, they still care about their voice.) Today, the medical treatment is better, and the stars would go and have cosmetic surgery. Thus, nearly none of the stars has their original faces when standing on the stages. The stars would also put on heavy makeup to perform. If you compare the pictures shown in public and their daily life ones, you will find a big difference. You might not even recognize that it is the same person. Nowadays, the pop stars have their own workshop and they can get the jobs they want. In addition, the more famous pop stars can earn much more money than others can. The competitions among the entertainment business are also extreme. According to Ming Ni, he said; “Most people thought the art before they were born were classical, the art which are from during their life are unique, and they think the art after are much not good enough comparing to the past.” ( 56436827) I think that is true because we cannot negate the stars even we think they are not real or

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