Pop Media Role In Pop Education

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Pop culture, short for popular culture, is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture (Wilson, 2014). It refers to products that are generally recognized and enjoyed by the majority of the people ((Wilson, 2014). Pop culture is manifested around the world through movies, music, television shows, newspapers, satellite broadcasts, food and clothing, sports, news (as in people/places in news), politics, and technology (West, 2016). Internet and social media also play a huge role in pop culture. Pop culture is almost often, if not always, interesting and appealing to most people. However, people’s preferences over things are constantly changing. This is why no one…show more content…
The content of popular culture is favorably determined by industries that disseminate cultural material, for example publishing industries, as well as mass media that greatly influences the people (Wilson, 2014). In spite of this, popular culture is not only the collective product imposed by industries and media, rather, it is the result of the continuing interaction between those industries and media and the people of the society who consume their products (Wilson, 2014). Masses decide and consume what is popular. With all of these things taken into consideration, what role does pop culture play in education? Since pop culture permeates the everyday lives of the people in the society, teachers have to be innovative in a way that they will take into account integrating or using pop culture as their teaching material because they see it as an opportunity for students to become more interested, further engaged, and actively involved in the classroom for the reason that students play an important role in determining what’s pop culture or not thereby making themselves consumers of pop…show more content…
It is important for teachers to encourage their students to write about what interests them. This fosters eager participation in class and passion for learning. What my high school English teacher once did also manifests this argument. In our writing class, she asked us to write about the things we considered we are obsessed with. This made our writing class completely engaging from a boring one. We were all blissful when we were writing our essays. After that, the lesson proper was made by our teacher. She then taught us the technicalities in writing including grammar and different parts of an essay. From what she did, it can be seen that allowing students to use pop culture in their academic tasks is a good way for students to actively participate in

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