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Although many refuse to acknowledge the significance of pop music, it has incited the spread of political messages, discussion of taboo topics, and popularization of unorthodox beliefs amongst the American public. Similar to satire, which utilizes humor to defuse the brunt of its criticism, pop music disguises risqué and mildly offensive comments with catchy and innocuous tunes. Furthermore, in the past 50 years, increased globalization has allowed these songs to play a bigger role in changing the prevailing beliefs of the general populace. Following the footsteps of trailblazers, including David Bowie and Madonna, a new wave of pop stars, from Macklemore to Beyoncé, began to realize the groundbreaking power of pop music. Some artists treat…show more content…
In reality, pop music has been seminal to the empowerment of many belittle minorities and the creation of a more variegated culture. Instead of pointlessly demeaning pop music as being worthless or hackneyed, one should praise it for the plethora of changes it has brought to the United States. While it may not be able to evoke nostalgia of the foregone “good old days”, pop music is a moving force that constantly pushes against the fabric of the society, urging the public to accept new ideas or alter their point of view. Regardless of the vagaries in government, politics, or the economy, pop music has proven itself in the past half-century to be unstoppable in its ability to revolutionize the American culture. Perhaps best expressed by Sarah Churchwell, a Professor of American Literature at the University of London, pop music is so popular because “[it] provides not just the soundtracks to our lives...; it releases our emotion and helps us to articulate them”. More than flashy videos, formulaic chords, or auto-tuned singing, pop music has illustrated its crucial role in shaping the thoughts and ideas of recent

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