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If you're one of the people who just love going to the forest and explore, then this is a good DIY for you! Now, I'm going to show you how to make a DIY popcorn machine from a $1 can to enjoy delicious fresh popcorn in the woods. All you need to do is take your new DIY popcorn machine with you (I'll show the steps in a second), some un-popped corn kernels and a match. Maybe you can be camping and took some un-popped corn kernels and want to enjoy a delicious popcorn cans and ran out of ideas. So, if that's the case, all you need is an Army knife (a multifunctional one) & two empty cans. Now, I'll guide through an easy step-by-step guide to make a simple DIY popcorn machine to add some fluffy yet crunchy deliciousness to your camping trip.…show more content…
Don't cut out the rectangle, keep the upper line attached but bend & push it up. Important Tip: The edges of the can are very SHARP! So, be careful not to cut yourself. 4. Now The Second Can! Use your eyes to cut 2/3 of the can's height. So, cut a circle along the edge of the can. This is where your Army knife will come handy. If you're lucky and have a pair of scissors around, use it to smoothen the edges of the can (this is to protect you from injury as much as possible). 5. Making A Small Stove: Flip the 2/3 of the can, and mark 4 points symmetrically on its bottom. Then, use each point to draw a straight line along the can wall externally. Mark a point on each line about 1/4 inch above the bottom of the can. Join two lines to make a "U" shape at the marked points you just made. So, you should have 2 "U shapes on you can! Use your knife and cut out the 2 U shapes. 6. Folding Up: It's time to fold up the upper edges to ensure your safety. All you need to do is mark a line on the remaining two limbs on the can. It should be about 1cm in width to get a nice fold. To make the folding easier, cut on each limb 4 small strips to the marked

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