Pope Francis's Impact On Religion Essay

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How does the Pope impact your faith? The Pope can do certain deeds to others that make you grow in faith. The Pope that impacts my faith is Pope Francis. Pope Francis impacts my faith because he keeps the church as one body of christ. Keeping the church as one body of christ means he is a follower of Jesus and will look after us. When he shows that the church is still holy it impacts my faith because it means I could impact the church and keep it holy and become closer to God because of keeping the church clean and holy just as Pope Francis did. Another reason why the Pope impacts my faith is that the Pope doesn’t only just stay in one place, he takes care of all the churches and visited many churches around the world to keep the churches united and together as one body of christ. The Pope helps me to understand that the meaning of helping others and doing something right isn’t for satisfactory it is for the good of others. He shows me this when he helps the people that are in need and need more help than us. This impacts my faith because it makes me want to help others that are in need and not to take anything that I have for granted. Pope Francis cares for all people around the…show more content…
Pope Francis believes that abortion is the wrong thing and as Catholics, this impacts our faith because we also believe that abortion of a child isn’t the only option. The Pope impacts my faith, even more, when he says speeches that help us to understand what God did for us and what he wants us to do. The Pope gives many announcements to many people around the world and isn’t afraid to talk to younger individuals like me. The pope shows me that being strong and powerful isn’t the only thing, but being worthy to others and caring for them is. Pope Francis travels all around the world to teach us one thing, faith and holiness are the right powers for
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