Pope Julius II

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The pope that I want to introduce is Pope Julius II. He is famous among hundreds of pope because he doesn’t take care of his spiritual pursuits very much. Instead of that, he contributed to the war and the western art at that time. He is famous also because he is apart from the corruption, and he has an extremely bad temper. He always lost his self control and be rude too. According to all of these distinctive descriptions, he makes me interested in him, and anxious to learn deeper now. Julius II’s original name is Giuliano della Rovere. Although he is very famous, he doesn’t born in a rich family. He was born in Dec. 5, 1443, and he dies in Feb, 21, 1513. He was the only brother of Pope Sixtus IV, who later let him become a cardinal in 1471.…show more content…
He restores the portrait medallion after the death of Alexander. He has a great relationship with Michelangelo and other famous architects. He also became the collaborator with Michelangelo. Because of his visionary ideas, the art at that time flourished. Art experiences a wonderful developing, so that he can remain many famous architectures and museums for people. One of his famous buildings is the Vatican Museum, which is the world’s biggest collection of antiquities. He also builds a great number of churches. In 1509, when Raphael was introduced to the Julius, he let Raphael began his masterpiece for the pope in the Vatican Museum. He starts to draw the frescoes in the three rooms of the Vatican Museum. It combines many different ideas like “the school of Athens” and “Disputa”. Each room has different style of decoration to represent the different meanings. For example, “The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple” symbolize the subjugation of all church’s enemies. It represents the power of the church and the honorable status of the church in the ancient time. “Liberation of St. Peter” represents a totally different idea from the first one, it represents the great and bad of the ancient pontificate. As we aforementioned, he hates the corruption of the former ruler very much. He builds this not only use to reflect the darkness of the former pontificate, but also use to warn him everyday that he won’t become such rule anymore. The last one is “Mass of Bolsena,” it shows the Pope kneeling, rather than enthroned.” So why he doesn’t choose the idea of the enthrone rather than kneeling? Pope kneeling means this pope is not just a ruler or a dictator, but he is also a normal person, a person that blessed by God. Although the moment of enthroned is very brilliant to a person, he doesn’t pick that as a topic of the room because he wants to notice himself the pope is not just a leader, but he need to be
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