Pope Miltiades Research Paper

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“Miltiades, Saint, POPE. The year of his birth is not known; he was elected pope in either 310 or 311; died 10 or January 11, 314. ” Miltiades (the name is also written Melchiades), a “native of Africa”, was elevated to the papacy.” (The Original Catholic Encyclopedia).
Miltiades was a native of Africa who was officially elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 311 AD and he served on the papacy as the thirty second pope in the Roman Church for three years, six months, and eight days.
His accomplishment: According to the Liber Pontificalis, Miltiades was a man who worked very hard to make sure that the church had peace as it was ravaged by persecution as thousands of Christian were killed for their faith. Miltiades assumed office soon after the promulgation of the Edict of Toleration at Nicomedia on April 30, 311 which was signed by Emperor Galerius, Licinius, and Constantine of which put an end to the persecutions of the church. During the time of his reign, Christians received legal
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Pope Gelasius was known for his great knowledge, and also the chief theoretician of Rome through his own writing and treatises in the quarrel with Constantinople. Pope Gelasius resumed office in March 1, 492 AD of which his tenure lasted for a short period of time which he died on November 19, 496 AD. Pope Gelasius who was from Africa lineage born to African parents, was portrayed by the European artist who had never seen him face to face as been a white-Caucasian pope due to racial bias. Pope Gelasius served the Church having the heart and the spirit of a servant rather than sovereignty, as he devoted his life to the call and was canonized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church of which his feast is celebrated on the 21st of November (New Catholic Encyclopedia;
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