Pope's Attitude Is Little Different Than His Predecessors Analysis

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It is often said that Pope Francis is a leader to us here in the US and across the nation. But recently allegations regarding sex abuse have been pinned onto the Pope’s name, creating a whirlwind of questions about his position as a Pope. The accusations are causing an uproar in Vatican City, Europe. In regards to that area, a law is put in place stating that any or all sexual abuse cases outside of the Vatican City will not be held responsible. Although these accusations are directly related with the Pope, he seems to not be taking it seriously. He has done very little to address the sexual abuse cases that involve the clergy of the church. He is not taking these cases seriously because of the acts of the public with their protests and strikes to prove a point that Priestly sex cases should be taken into account to benefit the victims.…show more content…
Author, Katherine Gallagher wrote her article “Pope’s Attitude Is Little Different Than His Predecessors’”, to explain how Pope Francis is taking these sex abuse cases as a joke and is doing very little to help the problem. Gallagher states,”The pope’s calling those protesting sexual abuse and church officials’ complicity “dumb” is shockingly revealing of the lack of seriousness with which he takes this issue – and devastating to those survivors who still held out hope that he would be different from his predecessors.” Many of the points made on her first argument against the Pope’s actions are only opinion, not fact or statistic. I believe Gallagher makes a huge point in quoting what the Pope said regarding the protesters, without the story of sex abuse cases to help protest they are trying to promote. Knowing how much the Pope has blown this off, shows the true colors of this so called

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