Popeye's Chicken Observation

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Popeye’s Chicken

Description of the child I observed a little boy at Popeye’s Chicken, at a table around 3.00p.m. His name is Charles. He had a nice sharp haircut, light brown eyes, chocolate skin, and a Super Man toy. He was wearing this Red t-shirt and dark blue jeans. The little boy was climbing of the seat and jumping off it. The mom pulls him by his arm to sit down.
State the Behavior The little boy continued to jump off the seat and disrespect his mother.

Observe the Behavior The behavior was nonstop, and it looks as if the little boy does this often. Every time his mother pulled him down so he would stop jumping he did not listen. The little boy hit his mom and kept jumping. The mother then popped Charles hand and said “Sit now!”
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