Poppins Allusion

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How does Mary Poppins relate to the Bible?The Disney classic Mary Poppins is beloved by all ages in the spectrum. This timeless tale of a mysterious nanny changing the lives of one family seems innocent enough; however, many allusions to the Bible appear quite frequently in the film. While some may argue that the Bible is mutually exclusive, this paper demonstrates that Mary Poppins can be viewed as highly christian because Mary Poppins and Mary the Virgin share similar qualities, the Mary Poppins film itself has religious symbolism, and many of the other characters in the film represent a trait from the Christian faith. The Virgin Mary and Mary Poppins appear to share the same qualities that make them heavenly. Virgin Mary is queen of Heaven,…show more content…
Poppins’ bag, from which she pulls various items whose sizes defy the small dimensions of their holder, illustrates the contradiction of how a limited being can be made to “contain” infinite beings. Jane and Michael back up disgusted when presented with the difficult task of cleaning up the nursery.While singing a classic tune, Poppins lightens the children’s load using her supernatural telekinesis abilities evidently reducing labor, and instead replacing it with fun. The cleaning up is symbolic of Poppins beginning to clean up the entire household on a spiritual level. This all shows what many saints have claimed, mainly that suffering is the medicine that heals us from the disease of sin. However, supernatural grace aids us in taking that disgusting medicine “in a most delightful way”, which most likely explains why saints often spoke of suffering as sweet and maintained so much incomprehensible joy through their terrible situations.Later on in the film, Jane and Michael literally have to take some medicine. They object, but once again, through Mary’s intermediation, the medicine becomes appetizing. Moreover, each spoonful is magically altered to meet the particular taste of each person. This represents how grace, while coming from the same source, is expanded according to the unique needs and personality of each individual soul. Toward the end of the movie, Bert sings a form of this song with this notable
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