Poppy Pym And The Pharaoh's Curse Book Report

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Poppy Pym and the Pharaoh’s curse is a mystery book filled with wonder, mistakes and tricks. This book has many characters with extraordinary ability’s. As an example, Ingrid (One of Poppy’s new best friends), has the ability to memorize things almost as instantly as she sees it, and Poppy, she can do acrobatics and many tricks her other fellow students cannot. In the beginning the story takes place at Poppy Pyms family Circus but soon changes to St. Smithens boarding school. Poppy’s family is a family of circus performers which is what makes her much more different that all of the other students at school. When her first day of classes start the headmistress gives an announcement that made everyone excited for the next few days. The headmistress…show more content…
Poppy went to the headmistresses office to request that her circus come to the school to perform the day of the exhibit. The headmistress needed some persuading but in the end she agreed to the idea. When the circus arrived Poppy and her friends explained all their suspicions and evidence. The magical magician Marvin was to be the main performer and was to make the scarab disappear so that they could see Ms. Susans reaction. When the trick is performed Ms. Susan just looks at her watch impatiently. When the the Scarab is returned to its glass case the lights go out and then after a minute they turn back on. The ruby is gone and so is Ms. Susan. Marvin was interrogated and had to tell the police how he did his trick. He told them and he was found not guilty of the crime. Poppy and her friends sneaked into Ms.Susan 's room to look around. When Ms.Susan comes back talking about a treasure they jump out and accuse her. It turns out that she was at a dance competition and won a trophy. All three friends serve detention but find evidence of a family member of the egyptian explorer still remains. Poppy and her friends stop the real thief (Gertrude, the headmistresses assistant) and find out she was the most wanted jewel thief in all of America. They celebrate and are forgiven of their detention
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