Popular Culture And Consumerism

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People who lived in this world had seen so many things and affected by them. By time, time had changed and new traditions, purposes and needs appeared. These appearing dragged people to a thing: Consumerism. Consumerism is an ideology of popular culture and a process of globalization. Popular culture and consumerism are parallel to each other and consumerism caused popular culture. A small look to the World proves lots of thing. People are in consuming ambition, they want to buy everything, and they are in hunger. Twitchell, J. B. (1999) “The idea that consumerism creates artificial desires rests on an ignorance of history and human nature, on the hazy, romantic feeling that there existed some golden age of noble savages with purely natural…show more content…
They go where they want, and believing that they can buy what they want. Twitchell, J. B. (1999) “Ask any group of teenagers what democracy means to them and you will hear an extraordinary response. Democracy is the right to buy anything you want. Freedom is just another word for lots of things to buy” This situation explains everything. They have dragged into consumption hunger. Shopping centers are one of the consumption areas and it is hard to not spend money in these areas. People spend their free times in there while talking in a lux restaurants also they are eating there. They just wanted to go somewhere and talk to their friends instead of eating something but these consumption hunger forced them to eating because people cannot sit somewhere for a long time without paying it. In shopping centers, people also spend their money to buy new devices and clothes. They are happy to buy it. People work hard to earn money to buy new things and when they buy it, they try to satisfy themselves with these devices until the new technology devices sell. For example, the laptop can only symbolize technological abilities and knowledge for a limited time (until a better model comes along), and it only advertises economic status to the relatively limited group who know about computer pricing. After that, they work hard again to buy these new devices and this circle continues. To continue this condition some foundations take a step and made campaigns such as RED. RED research that the consumption pattern of people, what they are buying or not and make campaign about it. It is like a charity. Giselle Bündchen (2006) “It is so smart. You are going to do it anyway; you are going to go to shopping but now you can buy something and help someone else at the same time. RED is bold, it is strong, its powerful” People will buy that devices or clothes or food but when they are buying it their conscience would be comfort, they won’t

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