Popular Culture And Cultural Media Cartoons In Ghana

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Popular Culture as explained by Newell & Okome (2013), has no exact definition. It canss therefore by described as any locally manufactured urban materials or anything from “folk culture” to “mass culture”. The media genres of popular culture are therefore any category of literature or other forms of art or entertainment that exhibits the traits and cultures of the people which includes music, movies, political cartoons and material religion. It is undeniable that cultural media genres serve as a source of entertainment. However, I argue in this paper that Cultural media genres are not for mere entertainment in that, they articulate the dominant values and political ideologies of the era (Kellner, 1995). In doing so I will examine political cartoons as a popular media genre that “significantly engages in socio-political debates in Ghana” (Oduro-Frimpong, 2013). In the postcolonial era, political cartoons have served as a “barometer of independence, of press freedom and government tolerance of free speech and critical thought, and of resistance to dominant power relations” (Hammett, 2010). Through humour a perceived weapon of the weak (Obadare, 2012), political cartoons proves a clear space to forms public opinions in that it stimulates the public to think for themselves. In the next sections I will use three each of Anadan and the Black Narrator cartoons as a lens to view three major contemporary Ghanaian issues which are leading in public debates namely; The President 's

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