Popular Culture In Fight Club

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1 Popular culture is all of the ideas, memes, perspectives that have influences on everyone and all classes belongs to society. Popular culture is not only in ideas but everywhere. It is part of the corporation, and it has been affected by mass products. Popular culture cannot be separated from masses, their effects and mass media. Films, books, advertisements, actors or writers all are part of it. Many theories and thesis have been written to discuss and to point out the primary interest of popular culture and what kind of problem it faced with in its history. At first, it has been argued that culture has been in the control of the elitists and on hands that have the power. There has been social hierarchy because of separation of popular culture with masses, but today, it belongs to every part of society. Due to mass productions and its media, it has reached every class of the corporation. It includes examples of ideas that annoy masses and criticism of these notions. Studying popular culture is important because it gives an opportunity to critiques of patriarchy and capitalism as in movies Fight Club and Blood Diamond. Capitalism, patriarchy and the culture industry terms have high importance on popular culture studies. Many films, books have been produced to criticize capitalism and patriarchy, but also, these products
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