Popular Culture In The 1920s

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There are always particular decades that people are drawn into, and for many it is the Roaring Twenties for its scandalous, radical and golden moments. 1920s is known as the age of dramatic social and political change, resulting in the birth of many cultural institutions we recognize today. One of the most groundbreaking achievement being women given the right to vote, a game-changing gesture which opened so many possibilities for women in playing their roles in the field of career and culture in general.
After World War I ended, US experienced an major economic boom as a result of shift in paradigm in global affairs. The States experienced huge industrial growth and technologies like the automobiles, motion pictures and telephones started to be used in a large-scale. There were significant changes in lifestyle and culture of the twenties, being more dynamic than ever before. Popular culture in the 1920s were characterized by the innovation in film, visual art, architecture, radio, music, dance, fashion, literature and intellectual movements. Modern values were inculcated especially in the urban locations. Autobill played a vital role in modernizing the society by creating an entirely new mobile way of life. More people started travelling from one place to another, leading them to the technological advances. It was also where the novel, “The Great Gatsby” were published and it depicted the culture life at the time. Rich people held extravagant parties and dressed richly

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