Popular Culture In The 1950's

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As era’s have rolled over and civilisation has advanced, the popular culture demonstrated throughout society has also changed. When looking back today, these cultures are characterised by the most notable differences between decades in fashion, entertainment, architecture, technology, sport and more. For the 1950’s and 1960’s this meant post war recovery and a clash between communism and capitalism vs. a revolt against the social norms and the now known ‘hippy era’, a contrast that truly shows how much ten years can change the world. It seemed as though in the twenty year period that expanded both these decades, everyone began to take things a little less seriously, an effect that led current pop culture to where it is now. (Author Unknown, 2014) (Random House Inc., 2014)

The 1950’s saw Australia thrive and challenge British cultural ties with a sudden influx of American lifestyles, as more Europeans began to settle the population was impacted greatly through this cultural diversity.. Whilst the country was living in the shadow of The Cold War, the end of The Fifties gave them the opportunity to develop a great sense of national pride. Technological revolution transformed peoples homes, the way people worked and the time they spent in leisure; especially as many had to return to the happenings of everyday civilian life. They were no longer leading their lives as military people, and this showed greatly in this era. The post war time had scared many people and it was
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