Popular Culture Research Paper

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There are a various way to define popular culture. What people understand about popular culture is the widespread culture elements in society. For example, fashion, food, music and more. The question is, what are the definitions of popular culture coined by scholars? The word “popular” is the contemporary context of people’s concern and culture is the practice of everyday life. The basis for all societies of popular culture provides shared experiences and creates the social solidarity (cited in Fedorak, 2009: p.3). The common definition of popular culture is widely favoured or well-liked by many people (Storey, 2009:p.5). It examines the numbers such as a number of viewers, sales of CDs (ibid). It can also be examined by the attendance records…show more content…
For example, Korean popular culture (K-Pop) as known as the Korean Wave in Asia, includes Korean pop music, dramas, movies and more. The Korean Wave enjoys a broad popularity outside of Korea that spread primarily through the mass media (UK Essay, 2013). To appeal to specific demographic categories, mass culture has come into wide use as a term to devaluate the value of commercially marketed arts and entertainment (Kurt & Gladys, 2009). Media managers are paying little attention to people's vital needs or capacities for development but inclined to be conscious of their audiences as a statistical mass (ibid).For example, the trend for teenagers now is the K-Pop Music, more companies that are training more idols are emerging. Similar to folk culture, the authenticity of its product that has to be produced by the integrated community which knows what it is doing can be guaranteed (Strinati, 2004, p.11). The culture of the masses is the most common, general and the culture that shared by most people most of the time.
In the well-known essay by Dwight MacDonald, "A Theory of Mass Culture" said that the folk art, high art, and popular art can define themselves that the mass art serves both as a threat and as a kind of foil (cited in Naremore, 1991). Folk art is a creative skill that is made by an individual to convey their own cultural identity; while mass culture conveys the community culture through modern communication and shares it with
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