Popular Culture Theory

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Popular culture has become so broad and intricate, that one theory simply will not do when analyzing it. Different objects and practices can be defined culturally, or through the everyday production of culture. Attempting to dissect it from one view would lead to a wrapped analysis because every component varies and often times, both theories are needed to obtain a pure conclusion. While the two theories are useful, when they are combined into the Popular Culture Studies Tradition, they are most efficient and ideal. Combining the two theories proves to be a substantial aid when digging into our culture. The past industries can no longer be explained simply through one frame because they are so intricate and complex. At one time, the corn industry would have needed hardly any analysis, due to the straightforward procedures; the seed is planted, the farmer takes care of the plant, the corn is harvested and sent out. Now, there is a slew of hurdles farmers have to jump through, along with multiple procedures the corn is subjected to before it is…show more content…
Using the production of culture theory would not be ideal because there is so much more underneath the surface that simply could not be explained without using the cultural theory too. Cultural theory views the consumer as active, especially when deciphering meaning. For instance, in The Wire, when a group of students goes to dinner, they feel embarrassed in a new setting, even though they did nothing wrong. The meanings the students came up with were created and then circulated amongst themselves. What they interpreted as inappropriate behavior, was defined by their outlook on other practices and norms which were previously created. There is a distinct relationship between culture and power. People in places of power, like Marlo, produce their own meaning, and it becomes a reality for the rest of the
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